It gives us pride to look at our preparation for AMMUNs A-mini-MUN conference for this year. Reforming the system and philosophy of A-MINI was not a simple process, but due to the fact that we had ourselves been trained in the first annual A-mini-MUN conference it was our opportunity to be able to recreate our own experience and improve the process based upon first hand experience.


 This year our A-Mini-MUN delegates will engage in an introduction to the world of the United Nations and the scope of MUN as well as a simulation of a heated debate conducted by our own AMMUN team paired with a personal introduction to our forums.


The view we took on this year’s A-MINI was more of a learning workshop experience rather than a conference simulation, a lot of the attending delegates have already gotten the opportunity to attend multiple conferences so our aim was to build on the skills that the eighth and ninth grade delegates have already acquired. Moreover, we set out to create a workshop that will not only develop the MUN skills the delegates posses but also to harness the passion they have for MUN and cultivate the love for politics which is instilled within the whole leadership team.


Our Mini Philosophy: Ask, Learn, Debate


Wishing you all the best,

Suraya Salfiti – Deputy Secretary General 

Suleiman Mashini – Deputy Secretary General