Two Amman Baccalaureate School (ABS) students, Hashim Dabbas and Luma Qadoumi, founded the Amman Model United Nations (AMMUN) Conference in 2002. AMMUN had very humble beginnings with just two General Assemblies and approximately 150 students. ABS had been involved in MUN for several years, attending annual conferences in Cairo, The Hague and Boston. However, AMMUN was our momentous leap. It was the manifestation of our aspirations; it was the birth of a conference we could call our own. The success of our first AMMUN - the heated debates we conducted, the genuine friendships we formed, and the fleeting moments we spent in the shoes of the world's decision makers - spelled a promise that we really might manage to affect change, and that this conference, our conference, would go on.


The second session of AMMUN featured three General Assemblies, an Economic and Social Council and just over 200 delegates. Globalization was highlighted in this conference, and a considerable increase in international participation took place. AMMUN 2005 promised to be the largest and most international conference. It was hosting approximately 450 students and teachers from various schools in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas. A novel addition was the Ad Hoc Assemblies, which would concentrate on issues relevant to the conference theme. Unfortunately the work of the team fell to dust a week before the conference when Jordan was shaken by a terrorist attack. The conference was rebuilt in less than a week. From 450 to 200 people, the conference turned out to be a productive and most intimate AMMUN.


 AMMUN 2014 was the fourth THIMUN affiliated conference achieving the highest standards ever conducted. AMMUN 2014 was reviewed by a member of the THIMUN advisory board Ms. Cornelia Ohlig, receiving a stellar report regarding the conference as a whole, where she didn’t fail to notice the students involved stating in her report, “Though I have been to many conferences and have seen many committed teams, the student officer team of ABS was one of the best ones if not t h e best… Their hearts beat for MUN”. The secretariat consisted of some of the strongest students in our student body, and they were able to reflect their scholarly achievements and their passion towards MUN into AMMUN, making it a memorable experience for all participating delegates. The conference was a success, conducive of heated debate, awareness of the international problems, and productivity. AMMUN'14 was our thirteenth conference, it was a step forward in the establishment of our conference's name in the international community being the only affiliated conference in the country. With AMMUN 2015 and 2016, we upheld the conference's name and built on the success of the previous AMMUN conferences.



In today’s constantly evolving world, the Middle East finds itself at the epicenter of many of the political, social and economic changes. The youth who raised their voices against oppression and called for freedom during the heady days of the Arab Spring proved to be a catalyst for change and continue to press for reform. Therefore, it has become AMMUN’s vision to provide a platform for youth in the Middle East and from all corners of the globe to hear student delegates speak their minds and continue the call for reform.


Investing 4 years of training and 9 months of work in preparation into AMMUN and working in a range of departments; administration, conference organization, media, finance and the secretariat, the AMMUN team hopes that every step taken is a step down the path towards a dream of continuous success and uninterrupted growth.


Both senior and middle-school students from the Amman Baccalaureate School make up the AMMUN leadership team and are inspired by one main purpose, to give opportunities to like-minded youth to speak and be heard throughout our global community. AMMUN encourages delegates to adopt different points of view, debate and create an environment where all views are accepted equally and friendships are forged.