Experts of the Advisory Panel,



Welcome to the 18th annual AMMUN conference. My name is Khaldoun Kiswani and I’ll be presiding over the Advisory Panel this coming conference. It is a sad reality that so many of the world’s biggest conflicts fly under the radar, especially in recent times. There are, of course, many conflicts worldwide that receive heaps of media attention because they are relevant with modern political commotion, but there are additionally a myriad of conflicts that go unseen due to the lack of representation in popular media outlets. One of the most under looked conflicts of recent times is the crisis in Venezuela, and this is going to be what we are discussing this year in the advisory panel. Though many other forums discuss multiple topics throughout the conference, we will solely be focusing on this one; this will provide you with a great opportunity to know the topic in more depth than you would if you had to focus on multiple. We will be looking more in depth into this topic by analyzing and creating clauses for three aspects of this crisis: the economic, humanitarian, and social aspects. The breakdown of the topic into these three strands will help you understand the topic with more ease. The ideal way to get a needed head start before the conference would be to read the research reports that my fellow student officers and I have written so that you are familiar with the topic at hand when coming into the conference. I would also advise you to research your assigned countries, preparing your clauses, and preparing for the debate. This year’s theme in AMMUN is ‘Dare to Defy’, and this is very relevant to the topic at hand, and more generally, the world we live in today. This can mean something as simple as facing a challenge, and I urge you all to face this challenge. I hope you all come to the conference prepared to engage in indulging debate, where we can all dare to defy, and have fun while we are at it. I’m looking forward to meeting you all, experts. 




Khaldoun Kiswani

President of the Advisory Panel 


The Venezuelan Crisis - Humanitarian Perspective

The Venezuelan Crisis -  Economic Perspective

The Venezuelan Crisis - Social Perspective