Delegates of the Advisory Panel,

Welcome to the twentieth annual AMMUN Conference. My name is Alia Al-Wir and I am going to be presiding over the Advisory Panel during this year’s conference. As the youth of today, we are seeing the world becoming increasingly more unstable. Amidst increasing conflict, human rights violations, social unrest, and the pandemic, the situation can often feel very hopeless. It often feels like those in positions of power are not acting to address crises, which is why it is important to prepare our generation for the future to help solve such issues. To help achieve the stability that the world desires, it is time to hold leaders accountable, hence why the theme this year is ‘Accountability for Stability’. The problem with many of these crises though, is that they are highly complex and require looking at it from all lenses and aspects to find appropriate solutions that address all angles of the issue. This is why the Advisory Panel is an incredibly important forum.

This year in the Advisory Panel, we will be exploring the Boko Haram insurgency in Nigeria from the humanitarian aspect, social aspect, and economic aspect. This crisis has impacted people all across Nigeria as well as people in other countries. This has been an ongoing issue that has been named one of the most pressing crises of 2021. After passing clauses regarding all three of the topics, we will put them all together into one resolution and debate it at the Security Council. Delegates, in order to pass this final resolution, it is of utmost importance that you research your country’s stance and the topic in depth, as well as preparing drafts of clauses. Holding one another accountable, debating confidently, and using your creativity to come up with new solutions is one way for us to help solve this crisis.

We cannot wait to see you all at the conference!


Alia Al-Wir

President of the Advisory Panel


The Crisis in Afghanistan - humanitarian aspect 

The Crisis in Afghanistan - social aspect 

The Crisis in Afghanistan - economic aspect