Khaldoun Kiswani

Grade –11

Favourite Quote –“Do not underestimate the determination of a quiet man.” –Iain Duncan Smith. 


Contact Information –(email)

Favorite Conference– AMMUN XVII



I commenced my MUN journey early on, and at first, I wasn’t comfortable with my decision, but since then, I haven’t looked back. The politics and background information that has become instilled within me as an outgrowth of MUN has influenced all other aspects of my life. I began MUN in Grade 8, and my first experience was as a chair. Although I made a massive jump from near a novice with barely any knowledge in regards to politics, to a position of leadership in the forum, I realized that I shouldn’t underestimate myself even if I was under looked.  The conference that truly ignited a MUN passion in me was AMMUN 2017. It made me realize how enjoyable MUN conferences could be, and it really pushed me to continue my MUN journey. The reason this particular AMMUN was so unique was that it thrusts every participant into a mindset of success because it seems so real, and no other conference I’ve been to can replicate that feeling. The best way to minimize disagreement is to make sure that all the stakeholders are in the room, and this is what AMMUN does; it is remarkable.