Alia Al-Wir

Grade: 12

Favorite Quote: “Real change, enduring change, happens one step at a time.” -Ruth Bader Ginsberg

Contact Information: alia_alwir@abs.edu.jo

Favorite Conference: AMMUN XVII

Nowadays, with the tumultuous social, political and economic situation that the world is facing, it is becoming increasingly more important to try and educate ourselves on global issues. However, people often struggle to find information on the topics, then feel helpless as it feels like there is no possible solution. This is part of the reason why prior to starting MUN, I had minimal knowledge on international affairs. Not only that, but I was incredibly shy and would tremble every time I had to speak. I thought that meant MUN was not the activity for me, but I could not have been further from wrong. AMMUN XVI, my first MUN experience, gave me the opportunity to learn about global issues and debate various perspectives. I started the conference as a shy person who did not feel like I was capable of discussing such crises, and ended the experience with the ability to debate confidently and back up my claims with evidence. It also quickly became my favorite extracurricular activity, that has helped me gain skills and knowledge that are relevant outside of MUN. Thus, whether you are highly outgoing and educated on political issues; or timid with minimal knowledge, attending an MUN conference is an experience worth having.