Institutional Corruption Panel


Delegates of the Institutional Corruption Panel,

Welcome to the 20th annual AMMUN conference. My name is Haya Al Nasser and I’ll be presiding over the Institutional Corruption Panel this year. The Institutional Corruption Panel has been introduced for the first time in AMMUN, acting as the newest committee to date. It's a terrible truth that many of the world's most serious conflicts go unnoticed, especially in recent years. Of course, there are many conflicts throughout the world that receive a lot of media attention because they are related to current political events, but there are also a lot of conflicts that go unnoticed owing to a lack of coverage in prominent media channels. In the ICP we will debate and discuss and issue that is directly related to the theme; accountability for stability. The topic we will be debating is, the corruption crisis that Lebanon has been facing, which is an important conflict that the country has been facing for several years. Many other forums in AMMUN explore a variety of topics We will be focused completely on this issue during the conference; this will provide you a better opportunity to learn about the issue in greater depth than if you had to focus on several. We'll go deeper into this subject by examining and drafting phrases for three parts of the crisis: economic, humanitarian, and social aspects.

Having this issue broken down into three aspects will make it easier and help you understand the topic with more depth. Reading the research reports that my fellow student officers and I have produced so that you are familiar with the issue would be the best method to obtain a needed head start before the conference. I would also encourage you to conduct study on the nations you have been given, prepare your clauses, and prepare for the argument. This year’s theme in AMMUN is ‘Accountability for Stability.’ The theme is very significant to the topic at hand, and more generally, the world we live in today. This can mean something as simple as facing a challenge, and I urge you all to face this challenge. I hope you all come to the conference ready to participate in debate. I’m looking forward to meeting you all.


Haya Al Nasser

President of the Institutional Corruption Panel