Delegates of the Disarmament Commission,


It is my honor to welcome you to the 18th annual Amman Model United Nations conference AMMUN XVIII. This year, AMMUN recognizes the importance of being at the forefront in every possible way. Hosting this conference in Jordan means we're naturally at the forefront from a political perspective, but there's more to it than just that. As high schoolers across the globe, we must acknowledge the absolute necessity of being at the forefront. It is our generation above all, that must be at the forefront in all walks of life to target the most prominent issues of our time and work on resolving them.


In this year’s AMMUN conference, the disarmament commission will address three main topics concerning global issues arising from the usage or manufacturing of arms. The debate of such topics will result in fiery, thought-provoking, and stimulating discussions that bring innovative solutions to the table - solutions that the best world leaders haven't thought of yet.

​When it comes to the preparation required for AMMUN XVIII, I urge all delegates of the Disarmament Commission to be aware of the rules of procedure (points and motions), to read about their foreign policies with regards to the topics specified, and to extensively research the topics and brainstorm possible solutions that can be suggested during the conference. It would also be commendable if delegates were to write up some clauses on each topic to be discussed at the conference. More importantly, each delegate should approach the conference with an optimistic attitude, eager to learn and debate interesting topics fervently with their colleagues in a respectful manner.


To sum up, I'd like to reiterate the fact that AMMUN, as a whole, needs to be at the forefront, but it is each individual's contribution that makes that possible. I sincerely hope that each delegate of the disarmament commission will add his own input in forming the best resolutions on the most pressing issues of our time.


Looking forward to seeing you all at the conference,


Best regards,

Shareef Jardaneh,, President of the Disarmament Commission


Measures to regulate the production of 3D printed firearms

Measures to suppress international cyber espionage


Building a framework to monitor the rapidly evolving artificial intelligence and autonomous weapons