Delegates of the Disarmament Commission,

Welcome to the 20th annual AMMUN Conference. My name is Nicole Abu Khader, and this year, it is my great privilege to be presiding over the Disarmament Commission. In this forum, we will be focusing on matters regarding the disarmament of the world. In a time where health is our main priority, we find that our human security is often being neglected; with the current global pandemic, we find that health is the central global priority which leaves issues of disarmament unresolved. Today our world is plagued with issues and more than ever, changes necessary. Since the beginning of this decade, we've been flooded with problems of disarmament. The disregarding of arms has led various countries and establishments to make various predicaments that affect our security, health and even cause environmental concerns. In this year's disarmament commission, we will be elaborately debating and discussing the topics of; chemical weaponry in warfare, the use of weapons of mass destruction in outer space: the next 'space race,' and tackling the issue of bioterrorism in Africa. These topics are the most pressing issues of our time regarding disarmament. The delegates must develop practical solutions and form effective resolutions that serve one common goal; protect and enhance the security of the world. It is in our hands, this generation, to create an impact during this AMMUN XX conference and to hold those accountable for their actions to achieve sustainability. As a wise woman once said, “There is no gate, no lock, no bolt that you can set upon the freedom of my mind.” Our mind has endless thoughts that could channel into an action that could one day change the world. Delegates, I expect you all to come to the conference with a strong mindset, and the will to make a disarming change once and for all. I look forward to meeting with and working alongside you all.


Nicole Abu Khader

President of the Disarmament Commission.


Strengthening measures towards general and complete nuclear disarmament in North Korea