Delegates of the Disarmament Commission,

In the words of French author, Voltaire “I disapprove of what you say but will defend to the death your right to say it”. Whether one agrees with a point another has made or not, we as humans have liberty to speak our mind and express ourselves freely without the fear of being censored, judged or persecuted. Delegates. It is your turn to speak up. It is your turn to debate various global issues and conflicts taking place today. Delegates, it is your turn to bridge the divide.

Living in the middle east, we have been taught to always abide by specific rules and conform to different social constructs. Therefore, us teenagers in our current day often feel we have no voice and have no impact on this world. However, that is simply not true. We, as the leaders of tomorrow, have a voice, and it is only through voicing it, do we have the capability of driving our world towards prosperity and change.

Welcome to the 19th annual AMMUN conference. My name is Jad Layyous and I’ll be presiding over the Disarmament Commission this year. In the Disarmament Commission this year, we’ll be debating issues directly related to the prevention and implementation of measures regarding weapons of mass destruction. The two topics we’ll be debating in the forum are the nuclear disarmament in North Korea,and the development of biological weapons. Throughout this conference, I hope that we, as a forum, are able to collaborate effectively in order to reach feasible and efficent solutions to the issues at hand. Therefore, I urge you all to come prepared to this year’s conference. Take a look at your countries stance of the topics and familiarize yourself with them by reading the research reports we have prepared for you as well as prepare your clauses with different ideas for solutions. But most importantly, come to the conference with a ready heart to debate.


Jad Layyous

President of the Disarmament Commission.


Strengthening measures towards general and complete nuclear disarmament in North Korea

Strengthening measures towards the development of biological weapons