The Amman Baccalaureate School will be hosting the 17thh annual THIMUN affiliated Amman International Model United Nations conference from Wednesday, 13th of November to Monday, 18 November.  ABS is an IB World School and we are very proud of our conference and its central place in the school’s culture, involving students from Grades 8-12, and referred to in Jordan as the AMMUN experience! 


Our theme, Dare to Defy, endeavors to take a new approach in facing the socio-economic and geopolitical issues that face our world.  We aim to actually implement the solutions constructed by the eleven committees, not just host a mock debate from which the results disappear by the time AMMUN is over.  We know that we have the potential to change the lives of thousands of people with our ideas, and we are highly motivated to make that global impact.


The AMMUN Secretariat is made up of a dedicated and experienced team and lead by Secretary-General Hashem Al-Saqqaf, who was Deputy Chair of GA3 at THIMUN’s 51st  Anniversary conference in The Hague. The conference organising team are experienced delegates and are aware of the needs of both staff and students in and out of their committees.  


AMMUN receives fantastic support from the local school community and I am sure international delegations will be impressed by the high standard of the Jordanian delegates, who have gained their experience on the Amman MUN circuit and through attending a wide range of international conferences. 


Great effort is put into creating the AMMUN experience! Past excursions include the World Heritage site of Petra, the Dead Sea, the Roman ruins of Jerash, the 11th Century Crusader castle of Aljoun and the Baptism site on the Jordan River. 


AMMUN hosts a welcome dinner and dance and visiting delegates have the option of visiting the colourful Rainbow Street and the Ballad (souk). There is a fantastic selection of quality shops, malls and a wide range of food available throughout Amman. 


The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is regarded as the Switzerland of the Middle-East; a safe haven. The reigning Monarch, King Abdullah II, and his Government, continue to move Jordan’s social and economic development forward, whilst supporting their neighbours and building bridges to peace throughout the region.  Jordan is a safe and secure travel destination and the usual travel precautions with regard to belongings and personal safety should be taken. 


Amman is 1,000 m above sea level and the Dead Sea 450 m below sea level (the lowest point on the Earth’s surface). In November the days are usually sunny and in the evening a light sweater can come in handy. Students require both formal business attire for the conference, evening clothes and outdoor wear. The conference provides all transport; airport transfers, daily shuttle between hotels and the ABS campus and conference events. Transport is included for Wednesday’s excursion day and visits to the Dead Sea can be arranged on an individual school basis, which will incur a small charge for entrance and transport (last year this was $US 25 per person, lunch included). 


We very much look forward to meeting your delegation and seeing our old friends back for the AMMUN experience! 


Yours sincerely 



Majed Makhamreh, ABS MUN Director 

Director of Student Co-Curricular Activities