The Amman Baccalaureate School will be hosting the 19th annual THIMUN affiliated Amman International Model United Nations conference virtually from Thursday, 21st of January to Saturday, 23rd of January. ABS is an IB World School and we are very proud of our conference and its central place in the school’s culture, involving students from Grades 8-12, and referred to in Jordan as the AMMUN experience! 


Our theme, Bridging the Divide, endeavors to take a new approach in facing the socio-economic and geopolitical issues that face our world.  We aim to implement the solutions constructed by the twelve committees, not just host a mock debate from which the results disappear by the time AMMUN is over.  We know that we have the potential to change the lives of thousands of people with our ideas, and we are highly motivated to make that global impact.


The AMMUN Secretariat is made up of a dedicated and experienced team and led by Secretary-General Hind Al-Naser, who introduced MUN in an English school in Cyprus. The conference organising team are experienced delegates and are aware of the needs of both staff and students in and out of their committees.  


AMMUN receives fantastic support from the local school community and I am sure international delegations will be impressed by the high standard of the Jordanian delegates, who have gained their experience on the Amman MUN circuit and through attending a wide range of international conferences. 


The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is regarded as the Switzerland of the Middle-East; a safe haven. The reigning Monarch, King Abdullah II, and his Government, continue to move Jordan’s social and economic development forward, whilst supporting their neighbours and building bridges to peace throughout the region.  


The AMMUN Team prioritizes the health and safety of all participants; therefore, in light of the current COVID-19 situation, we have decided to host the conference virtually for the first time ever. In an attempt to provide the best possible experience, considering the circumstances, the AMMUN XIX team has taken an innovative approach to hosting this year's conference. All delegates will be required to wear formal clothing and to be punctual to this 


We very much look forward to meeting your delegation and seeing our old friends back for the AMMUN experience! 


Yours sincerely 



Majed Makhamreh, ABS MUN Director 

Director of Outreach/ IB College CAS Co-ordinator