Delegates of the Environmental Commission,


Welcome to the 20th annual AMMUN conference. My name is Jana Dekedek, and I will be the president of this year’s Environmental Commission. During these recent years, we have been seeing a vast change in our world especially the environment. It has been obvious that the importance of safeguarding the environment is a less significant matter, with political and corporate leaders vesting their efforts in a world that serves their interests without acknowledging that destruction to the environment is also an annihilation to humankind. After all, we have only 9 years left to prevent irreversible damage done to the environment.


Delegates, we have all seen the significant impact our voices have done to this world. We as the powerful, ambitious and resilient generation have all the ability to make a difference, and we have been. We will soon be the leaders of tomorrow and it is our job now to hold individuals, corporations and powerful entities accountable in our fight for a just and sustainable world.


MUN is an admired and effective platform to voice our solutions for the issues occurring during these times. Through the Environmental Commission this year, delegates will be able to work based on their country’s foreign policies to debate and find solutions for the topics of; the issue of greenwashing by corporate entities, managing the waste produced by the military activities in the Middle East and lastly, nuclear radiation on the environment in Ukraine.


During this conference, I am confident that we as a forum will be able to engage in a productive debate and reach effective solutions to the issues imminent. I urge you all to act as the leaders of tomorrow and unleash your creativity, confidence and passions. Do your research and come prepared to use your voices to fight the good fight. I am confident in your abilities.


On a final note, I want to share a quote that resonates with me “It only takes one voice, at the right pitch, to start an avalanche.”



Jana Dekeidik

President of the Environmental Commission

The Question of taking measures to protect the Amazon Rainforest from disappearing any further due to human activities.

The Question of addressing the issue of water scarcity in Jordan.