Delegates of the Environment Commission,


On behalf of my chairs and myself, it is my utmost pleasure to welcome you to the 18th annual Amman Model United Nations conference and more specifically into the Environment Commission. 


    It is my priority to ensure that each and every delegate is going to leave the forum, having become more internationally minded, and globally aware of the various perspectives on the proposed topics, along with having gained experience as a global citizen.  Having come up with excellent and feasible solutions to such problems and critical thinking of problem-solving on a global-scale, and most importantly having gained the unforgettable experience of high-quality and productive debate.


    To satisfy such gratifying debate, much preparation is needed. Delegates must firstly be familiar with their foreign policies in order to effectively tackle topics and collaborate with others to produce sustainable resolutions. This requires extensive research about the assigned delegation and their role in each issue at hand. In addition, delegates must be familiar with the Rules of Procedure of AMMUN in order to ensure effective debate flow and debate management. Furthermore, delegates must learn about each topic of the Commission. This can be achieved by referring to the provided research reports alongside personal research on the topic at hand. Moreover, delegates must attend the conference confidently with ideas and operative clauses previously prepared on each issue. All in all, delegates should attend the conference with a highly positive attitude and willingness to eagerly debate and cooperate.


    I look forward to sharing this prestigious opportunity with you. For the duration of this conference, we aim to have an enjoyable yet successful debate in order to ensure that the pressing topics on our agenda are debated to the highest extent of quality.  As the President of the Environment Commission, I hope that the delegates of the commission can generate the needed change that our world needs in order to Dare to Defy. Likewise, I hope that every delegate’s voice is heard in order for this desired change to be fulfilled. Environmental preservation is in our hands.



I wish you all the best of luck,




Jenna Tieby, the President of the Environment Commission


Addressing the effects of adopting Nuclear Power Plants as a source of electricity production causing disastrous radioactive waste

Addressing the issue of industrial and household waste on the rise of global emissions 

Addressing the issue of the increase in global temperatures on marine ecosystems and melting of polar ice.