Jenna Tieby


Despite the global beliefs that we, as the youth don’t have the power to change the chaos and injustice happening around us on a global scale.  MUN has succeeded in proving otherwise.  When I first became interested in MUN, in the 8th grade, I knew that this was a co-curricular activity I was highly passionate about. This activity was a simulation of the future world, one filled with young global citizens, the decision-makers, politicians, social entrepreneurs, and advocates of the future. As it gave me the opportunity to vocalize my informed opinions and engage in occurring humanitarian, environmental and political issues arising around me. 



My involvement in MUN influenced the way I approached problems and expressed my opinion. The aspect that interests me the most in regards to MUN is that not everyone possesses the same mindset as you, and therefore individuals are engaged in heated discussions and debate, for the same purpose of finding solutions that will be implemented in our community.


I expanded my scope of knowledge and joined many conferences on an international scale.  Despite the diverse experience that I have attained, AMMUN is the conference I look forward to every year as it gives me a chance to meet delegates from all over the world, who willingly encounter debates, despite possessing diverse outlooks and perspectives on these global affairs.



With MUN, I tend to set higher and more challenging goals for myself every year. I believe that challenging yourself and thriving for more is what brings out a person's true potential. This principle has paved a path for my MUN journey to become a student officer. I am thrilled to be a partaking in the upcoming AMMUN conference and I am eager to work with each and every member of our dedicated team to fulfill an unforgettable experience for all delegates!