Jana Dekeidek

Grade: 11

Favorite quote: “Our lives begin to end the day we become silenced about things that matter.” -Martin Luther King Jr.

Contact information: jana_dekeidek@abs.edu.jo

Favorite conference: AMMUN XVIII


As a young oblivious girl living in a world full of prejudice, I felt the need to educate myself on significant and historical matters occurring in our world today. As my interests in politics have grown, I’ve always sought to also grow as an individual from the regular conversations I have with other individuals regarding the issues happening in our world. Talking to different individuals introduced me to new and diverse perspectives and opinions, which pushed me to question the world around me and grow into an open-minded person. This is when my MUN journey began. I signed up for MUN in the 8th grade, AMMUN XVII, as I considered it a valuable platform where I can express and receive different outlooks from people all over the world. Although I started my MUN career as a very shy

person, by time and with the different MUN’s I attended, I began to realize that one’s voice can be so powerful and influential it will inevitably lead to change. I was treated like I could change the world. That is when I became more confident in myself and in my opinions. With my ever-growing passion, I successfully managed to achieve an important role in a forum which is president.