Welcome delegates to the 20th annual AMMUN conference. I am Samantha Burgan, your president of the Economic and Social Council. In today’s world and with the current pandemic situation, everyone should be aware of how fragile the economies of many countries have become. Money makes the world go around and an unstable economic situation means an unsafe life for citizens. The world is continuing down a downwards spiral of substantial slowdown in economic activity. This has had a devastating effect not only on the world economy but more profoundly on the wellbeing of individual committees. Lack of resources, electricity, funding, and stability are all implications that affect these communities at the root of the economic and social costs of these various global disruptions. Thus, it is so important that we as youth leaders consider from all angles economic and social issues that challenge us in today’s world.

Furthermore, in the economic and social council this year, we will be debating on the topics of energy insufficiency on small islands, the socio-economic impacts of population aging, and the implications of cryptocurrency on world economies. I have high standards for the delegates participating in this committee this year, and

I hope that all delegates will strive to come together and find the necessary solutions in order to endeavor for change to be made in these pressing topics. In addition, we will be actively contributing in this year’s theme, “accountability for stability”. The lack of economic transparency and economic inequity between nations is a major challenge. Real problems need real need accountability to be held, along with the necessary need for funding and economic contributions to tackle the major problems occurring within countries; such as that of the problems discussed within the committee’s topics. I expect all delegates to come to this conference well researched, well prepared, and with a mindset for success throughout the three days of tackling debate. I hope overall that you will leave this conference with good experiences, and a good time.


Samantha Burgan

President of the Economic and Social Council.


Establishing the necessary frameworks to minimize the production of counterfeit goods.

Securely integrating artificial intelligence as a non-threat to the human workforce.