Delegates of the Economic and Social Council,

It is an honor for me to welcome you to the 18th annual Amman Model United Nations conference. Delegates of the Economic and Social Council will examine issues related to the economy as well as the society, by formulating economic and social policies that ensure the development of UN member states. All delegates must remind themselves that they must “Dare to defy” and never hesitate to be different or speak louder.


The Economic and Social Council is considered a part of the six principal organs in the UN. It acts as a central mechanism that safeguards the economic and social stability while ensuring the development in every possible aspect. The Council is made up of a total of 54 members discussing social and economic policies made, or even previously constructed, policies that need to be amended. Major economic and social organizations will be present in the forum to support policies made including the IMF and the World Bank.


Delegates of the Economic and Social Council will undergo debate in the economic and social sphere, from which they will construct policies offering solutions to arising issues. The delegates will also find new ways in implementing developmental goals related to major social problems as well as economic issues that hinder the world’s development. The Council will ensure that economic and social policies previously set will undergo review by the Council to guarantee that they are being implemented and not avoided. We, as the Economic and Social Council, are set to act as the central mechanism responsible for any economic or social issues taking place in our current day for the greater good of this world.


Delegates of the Economic and Social Council must prepare effectively in order to be able to engage in the debate. The delegate must begin by making sure that he or she reviews the rules of procedures that apply to his or her forum. Furthermore, the delegate must conduct, thorough research, their nation’s foreign policy towards others in the Council. Also, performing extensive research on the topics proposed by the President by either conducting their own research on the topic with a focus on the economic and social aspect or by referring to the research reports posted on the AMMUN website in order to understand the topic. Finally, and most importantly, all delegates are encouraged to make sure that they prepare ideas or even clauses to share during the lobbying and merging process as it allows them to contribute a lot when it comes to forming resolutions.

As the President of the Economic and Social Council, I would like to encourage all delegates to put all their efforts in engaging in the debate and proposing a diverse list of solutions. Most of all I hope that each and every delegate of the Economic and Social Council attends this conference holding a positive attitude to address issues, and always solve things through the lens of “dare to defy”
I expect you all to contribute effectively in making the world a better place.



Sanad Abu Eideh,

President of the Economic and Social Council


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