Samantha Burgan

Grade: 12

Favorite quote: “Hope is something you create with your actions” – AOC

Contact information: Samantha_burgan@abs.edu.jo

Favorite conference: AMMUN XVII

I used to be a very shy kid, the nervous, always quiet, timid kid. Even during my first ever MUN conference (AMMUN XVI), I barely spoke and couldn’t even muster up the courage to go up onto the podium. However, MUN has transformed me, along with countless other people, to find confidence in themselves and strive to aid in the solving of global problems as our generation continues to take charge. Moroever, Ever since that conference, I have continued to grow more and more confident in myself and my capabilities. Along with this, my love for MUN and the AMMUN conference continues to grow along it. There’s truly no other experience that can provide you with valuable skills that can be used throughout your life. MUN has always been an opportunity for any individual, whether those that lead, those that observe, those that prefer to constantly take to the podium, and those that prefer to silently support and learn. In fact, what I enjoy the most about MUN and the AMMUN conference is the ability to connect with a vast number of unique and talented people, all with the combined passion for problem-solving and the fight for the implementation of change on a global scale.