Karim Nabulsi

Grade: 12

Contact Information: karim_nabulsi@abs.edu.jo


There is a story I call the two truths... Person 1 and person 2 come from the same country, the same city, and even have similar ancestors, they are brothers. Now even though they're brothers, they always had conflicting opinions over international and national related topics. This is because both brothers have their own truth about the matters and will not be convinced of the other truth. Added to that, each of them believes the other's truth to be false because it is not their own. Now imagine them not being brothers, and them being friends, acquaintances, co-workers, politicians, enemies. Now imagine them being physical representations of countries. So, what's the solution? MUN taught me there isn't one, rather another way out, which is accepting the other's truth and building relations in spite of them. MUN brings us closer. It makes us think of solutions when the question itself isn’t very clear. The world is divided into numerous ideologies that separate us more and more every day, driving a bigger wedge between societies. I am so grateful to be a part of such an amazing team. I hope this AMMUN experience can be as good to you, as it always was to me.