Sanad Abu Eideh

Grade : 12

Favorite Quote: « Dreams are not what you see in your sleep, dreams are things which do not let you sleep. » - Cristiano Ronaldo

Contact Information: (email)

Favorite Conference: AMMUN XIV and THIMUN 2019

Young and unconscious ninth grader, I didn't comprehend why individuals gave their time and exertion into Model United Nations. After my first AMMUN involvement (AMMUN XV), I wound up appended to what in the long run ended up one of my preferred activities. I comprehended why MUN was esteemed to such an extent. The meeting enables you to satisfy your potential in talking and discussing while at the same time becoming familiar with the present world issues. This can be seen through the incredible standard of discussion with energetic representatives willing to successfully pass their resolutions. 


MUN gave me the certainty to make some noise and express my feeling in regular day to day life. Furthermore, I made huge amounts of friends both local and international. Individuals that I have gone over as far as I can tell that I stay in contact with today. It has given me so much thus I feel it is my obligation to offer back to the MUN people group this year as the president of the Economic and Social Council. The environment in AMMUN whether in meeting hours, or beak time is like no other. AMMUN XVIII will be the ultimate experience for me and I'm certain it will be the most delightful conference yet.