Delegates of the Third General Assembly, 


I would firstly like to welcome you to the 18thAMMUN conference. A conference which hopefully, will provide you with valuable learning experiences that will further encourage you to pursue your MUN careers. Within this time I hope that as a forum we may work together under an atmosphere of mutual respect. In which to allow for accomplished debates regarding the three chosen topics of this forum; centering around social, humanitarian and cultural issues that plague our world. 


At the end of this conference, I am for every delegate to take away valuable lessons and experiences. Revolving around debate flow, achieving a well-rounded outlook on the different manners in which to analyze a specific topic and becoming mindful individuals who are aware of the current climate internationally. This conference does however serve a larger purpose than such, where at the end of this experience all participating delegates will gain confidence in their abilities, gain attributes that will benefit them for many years to come and lastly will be able to create bonds and friendships with those they meet that will make their AMMUN experience unforgettable. 


In order to take away the most from this conference, delegates must be able to commit to that which is required from them. Delegates are advised to be familiar with the rules of procedure AMMUN so as to allow for a smooth debate flow, which would be available in the delegate guide. Delegates are also required to have researched all three GA3 topics aside from reading the topic briefs on them as well. This is essential so delegates are able to create solutions and resolutions with sufficient amounts of knowledge. 


Delegates, let this conference be an opportunity for you to challenge yourself. Step outside of your comfort zone and allow yourself to speak for the policies and resolutions that you believe in.  


Lastly, I would like to advise you to use AMMUN’s theme for this year  guidance for this conference. Step away from the generalized stigma and make your own conscious choices in which will carry into your resolutions; Dare to defy. 


I look forward to witnessing constructive debate and valuable discussions between you all. I hope to see all doing such with passion and a recognition of your individual capabilities. 



Hind Al-Nasser 

President of GA3 


Tackling the issue of the Travel Ban being implemented in the U.S.

Combating domestic violence in against women in

rural areas 

Creating A Framework to Appropriately Support Those Suffering from Mental Illness