Delegates of the third General Assembly,


Welcome to the 20th annual AMMUN conference. My name is Aya Oumeish, and it is my greatest pleasure to be presiding over the General Assembly forum this year. These past years have not been the best for anyone. The world has been, and still is collapsing around us. Conflicts are worse than ever; society has hit rock bottom and it is our duty to figure out how to help. As the teens of the world right now, it is our responsibility to fix what’s already very broken. Though it seems hard and you’ve probably all heard this before, it’s something we all must accept because from what we’ve seen this year, we might be the only generation willing to actually take action and change the world. When we look around, all we see is countries being denied fairness because of where they are placed on the social pyramid. We see nations splitting apart and creating wars between people. Before the global pandemic, society was progressing and people were coming together, ignoring all their differences. That all evaporated very quickly.


This is where our forum comes in. Our job this year is to think of how were going to bring society back up to where it was and keep it going to create the perfect collected world. This year in GA3 we will be debating the topics of the unfair distribution of COVID-19 vaccines, the corrupt justice system in Thailand and Brexit’s effect on the education system in the UK. Though these topics don’t seem important, they are some of the most important topics for us to discuss right now with each one covering a completely different issue than the other, this will give us a perfect place to start. During this conference I hope that we are able to come up with effective and reasonable solutions while still staying connected to this year’s theme, “Accountability for Stability”. It is important that as we debate, we can be held accountable and hold others accountable for mistakes that have been made, while recognizing that that’s how we come together and stay stable as a society. Delegates, come to the debate with a dedicated mindset because it is our job to save this crumbling world.




Aya Oumeish


President of the third General Assembly.


Taking measures to supress the mass social panic caused by infectious pandemics