Delegates of the Third General Assembly,


On the behalf of the AMMUN XVX team I would like to welcome you to the 19th annual Amman Model United Nations conference. My name is Farah Massa’deh, and with great honour and respect I have been given the chance to be presiding over this year’s Third General Assembly. In which, it will activate focus towards vulnerabilities present within human lifestyles and affairs.


The UN’s main priority is to assure a safe environment filled with the utmost decency for future generations. However, their goal has been compromised in numerous ways, erupting vast issues threatening the stability of the world around us. As a result of the acceleration of technology, conflicts have risen; the spread of diseases has increased discrimination and instigated panic and fear within us. The lack of transparency has cost the lives of journalist, altering the lifestyles of correspondents to an edgy, unstable journey. Moreover, the abuse of drugs due to the manipulation of economy has resulted in immeasurable increases in mortality rates.


Delegates, it is up to us, the leaders of the future, to cooperate, and to come up with reasonable solutions to save ourselves from the ragging conflicts that have risen in the past. It our turn to fight against the prejudice that is undermining the worth of human beings and bridge the divide that has teared the earth into numerous pieces.


Preparation for this conference is essential. I urge you all to come equipped, familiar with the topics, major foreign policies, and realistic clauses ready to be fitted into a resolution. Being able to recognize key points and motions is also necessary. Therefore, I advise you to review rules of procedure to have a smooth run enthusiastic debate.


Being a part of the Third General Assembly, it is crucial to take responsibility and unite people around the world to negotiate resolutions and reveal the true value of life. I encourage you to step out of the dark and argue against injustice in order to “bridge the divide” and bring us, the people together.


I expect you all to come to the conference ignite debate and explore controversies. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.


I look forward to meeting you all.


Farah Massa’deh

President of the Third General Assembly


Taking measures to supress the mass social panic caused by infectious pandemics

Measures to supress the drug overdose crisis located in Scotland