Farah Massadeh

Grade: 11

Favorite Quote: “In times of rapid change, experience could be your worst enemy.”- J. Paul Getty

Contact Information: farah_massadeh@abs.edu.jo

Favourite Conference: AMMUN XVI


A person that is always able to guarantee change is aware of both their strengths and weaknesses. I am an individual that is currently of 16 years of age and is greatly interested in politics and the decisions made to shape our world.  Despite my current interests, I haven’t always been attracted to the concerns of the world, if anything my thoughts were immensely clouded by political ignorance and obliviousness. I began being interested in the way countries and individuals around the world operate as a result of my participation in MUN. My first involvement in AMMUN XVI opened me up to different issues occurring worldwide, as well as a variety of foreign policies. It exposed me to new point of views and controversial topics. Moreover, the extracurricular activity has made me the person I am today. Throughout my journeys in MUN, I evolved into a more confident human being, able to step out of the darkness and argue, in name of powerful countries about the steps that could be taken to improve the life in our world. Through every experience my confidence and independence grew as well as my love towards MUN. The after-school activity became a part of me and clarified my vision, breaking the walls of political illiteracy and shedding light onto more rounded instincts. AMMUN has always been a close to my heart, igniting a sense of warmth, hopefulness, and clarity within me. It is a conference that pushed me out of my comfort zone converting me into a more outspoken person giving me a chance to share my political and humanitarian beliefs. My only hope is for AMMUN to be a revolutionizing experience to you like it was to me.