This year a part of our stride in taking AMMUN to the next level is bringing back one of AMMUN’s most unique attributes, a HANDS ON day. A day where we as students give back to the community that has sheltered us from pain and misery, and yet opened our eyes to the dangers of chaos and injustice. A great phenomenon that our world faces is that of Climate Change. A force of nature to be reckoned with that has created climate refugees, leveled countries like Tuvalu, and has left the human race in a distraught state, with no means to move forward or backwards. Here at AMMUN we decided that it is of paramount importance that we as the leaders of tomorrow combat Climate Change in order to secure not only our future, but the future of generations to come.


              Therefore, on Monday the 18th of November 2019 a multitude of international schools attending AMMUN will venture to one of Amman’s many gems the King Hussein park. The King Hussein Park is one of Jordan's most notable touristic sites, home to the Jordanian history road in which murals representing the major milestones of Jordanian and Arab history cover its entirety. From the arrival of King Abdullah I from Al-Hijaz all the way to the current ruling monarch King Abdullah the second, whilst noting all the historical turning points of Jordanian history in between. Then delegates will proceed to an area in the KH park known as the Islamic Village where they will plant over 100 trees. 

Do note that this Hands On day is a means of earring CAS points for IB students yet is open for all international schools.