Delegates of the Human Rights Council,


It is with great honor to welcome you to this year’s 20th annual AMMUN conference. My name is Montaser Matarneh, and I am thrilled to be presiding over the Human Rights Council this year. Human rights violations have been an ongoing issue for many decades now, especially over the past few years. We have been witnessing basic human rights violations aggravate more and more each day, unfortunately, people have been staying silent and those who do speak up are being silenced by the media, public, etc. It is the duty of our generation to let our voices be heard and not be sidelined. In the Human Rights Council this year, we will be tackling 3 main topics. Starting off, addressing the issue of slave labor in China, the European migrant crisis and lastly, gender inequality in the workplace. In the hectic year that is 2021, these topics are more pertinent than ever in our unpredictable, modern world. I hope this year, as a forum we would be able to reach realistic, actionable solutions. I urge you all you ambitious delegates to come to the conference prepared in every aspect. I encourage you to research your countries, acquaint yourselves with the topics through the research reports, write your clauses and come to the conference with an open-mind, unbiased opinion and most importantly the eagerness to make a difference in the world. This year’s theme is “Accountability for Stability”, it could not be a better theme for this year’s conference considering the current world situation, as many countries and people need to be held accountable for things that have been done. Finally, I want you all to come to the conference with full confidence, excitement, and willingness to debate and make sure the future looks bright to you and your loved ones.




Montaser Matarneh


President of the Human Rights Council


Addressing the issue of forced displacement due to climate change

Addressing the issue of forced children to join militias as soldiers in South Sudan