Delegates of the Human rights Committee,

Welcome to the 19th annual AMMUN conference. My name is Sarah Taher I am the president of the Human Rights Committee. The year 2020 has been a roller coaster; society is tormented with global issues that spark the importance of human rights regardless of race, nationality, and economic status. The world has developed with technologies and innovations, but we still live in a society where humans are deprived of basic human rights, struggling to stay alive and face recurring hardships. Not everyone has an escape; there is no way out.  Unfortunately, not enough is being done. However, there is hope, there is hope in every single participant in AMMUN 19. The world is in our hands, it’s our job to find solutions for the problems caused by previous generations. In the Human Rights Committee this year, we will be debating topics under the umbrella of the theme; Bridging The Divide. The two topics we will be debating are addressing the issue of forced displacement due to climate change, and addressing the issue of child soldiers in South Sudan. These are the issues that most relevant now, in 2020, when the world is evolving. Throughout this conference, you will be able to eagerly voice your opinions on numerous topics and express your concerns and questions with confidence. You will develop a range of skills such as public speaking, problem-solving as well as teamwork. Understanding different points of views to come to a final resolution that will be debated throughout this conference. As delegates, you have a responsibility to be prepared for the conference by completing your research reports and resolutions as well as being familiar with the rules of procedure. When this is accomplished, I promise you a gratifying debate where you are able to gain experience and be more aware of the world around you. This year’s AMMUN theme is ‘Bridging The Divide’ and what a fitting theme it is, especially now. All around the world people are trying to come together as one, facing issues and supporting each other through social media, protests, and demonstrations against the injustices. We are speaking up together, letting our voices be heard, and essentially creating a bridge to result in equals. The need to stand up against these prejudicial issues is increasing, we are facing challenges but we need to voice our opinions on matters. By doing so we are able to end up with solutions that have the ability to bridge the divide and bring us one step closer to the perfect world we aspire to achieve.



Sarah Taher

President of Human rights Committee,


Addressing the issue of forced displacement due to climate change

Addressing the issue of forced children to join militias as soldiers in South Sudan