Delegates of the Human Rights Committee, 

Our world today is plagued with problems. Plagued with issues that pose a huge threat on all human beings alike regardless of where we are in this world. We are currently living in a place where people are still deprived of their basic human rights, struggling to stay alive and face hardships every single minute of their life. With no escape. However, there is a solution. In each and every one of us, there is a solution. Through AMMUN, you are able to voice these solutions. You, the delegates of HRC are given a chance to gain knowledge about some of the most pressing issues our world is facing today and face them head-on, by coming up with plausible and effective solutions that aim to eradicate these issues that are nationally and internationally present. Through this conference, you will be able to eagerly voice your opinions on numerous topics and express your concerns and questions with confidence. You will develop many new skills such as public speaking, problem-solving as well as teamwork. Understanding different points of views to come to a final resolution that will be debated throughout this conference. As delegates, you have a responsibility to be prepared for the conference by researching, completing your research reports and resolutions as well as being familiar with the rules of procedure. If this is accomplished, I promise you a gratifying debate where you are able to gain experience and be more aware of the world around you. This year’s theme for AMMUN is “Dare to Defy”. This theme clearly expresses the need to think outside of the box in times like these. The need to stand up against these cruel issues we are facing and challenge them by voicing our opinions on the matter. By doing so we are able to end up with solutions that have the ability to defy the odds and bring us one step closer to the perfect world we aspire to achieve. 



Nada Karadsheh

President of the Human Rights Committee  


Transforming refugee camps Addressing the issue of the human trafficking in Venezuela as a result of the The Venezuelan Crisis

Addressing the issue of unaccompanied migrant children and adolescents

Tackling the issue of violence in health care facilities.