Sarah Taher

Grade: 12

Favorite Quote: “The rights of every man are diminished when the rights of one man are threatened.” 
― John F. Kennedy

Contact Information:

Favorite Conference: AMMUN XVII

We are growing up, our older friends are getting jobs and we are next in line; next in line to face the future. Since 2016, I have been in every single AMMUN conference. I’ve climbed up the ladder from delegate to chair and finally president. We are the leaders of tomorrow and if we want to make even a small change we have to start now. Each year, there are 4 days where I feel I can change the world, I feel that with the resolution between my hands I can solve a vast global issue. That is the result of AMMUN. I never realized the impact of a few days, the days of the conference are like a dream, but you remember every second of it. Every AMMUN conference has changed an aspect in my life.. Every year my eyes open even more and my passion for MUN expands. Model United Nations has guided me in finding a passion that I carry now and far into my future. It isn’t just another co-curricular activity that I do. It’s become a part of my normal life. The yearly AMMUN conference creates memories and teaches us so much. AMMUN is an annual event for me, it’s where I get to stand up speak, vote and feel significant.