Special Committee


Delegates of the Special Committee



Welcome to the 18th annual AMMUN conference. My name is Yasmine Qushair and I’ll be presiding over the Special Committee this year. The world has recently descended into utter chaos. It’s a hard pill to swallow, but we all know it. Conflicts are arising all over the world, human rights are being neglected, basic principles of life are being overlooked and disregarded. Unfortunately, nothing is being done about it. That’s why participating in MUN conferences now is more important than ever. Yes, it’s cliché, but the world is in the hands of our generation. As teens, it’s our jobs to clean up the mess made by our predecessors. In the Special Committee this year, we’ll be debating issues directly related to the theme; Dare to Defy. The three topics we’ll be debating in the forum are gun violence in the America’s, a woman’s right to abortion and contraception, and also the racial oppression towards Uyghur’s in China. These are the issues that are all the more relevant now, in 2019, when the world is an evolving place. Throughout this conference, I hope that we, as a forum, are able to reach feasible solutions to the issues at hand. By collaborating as a forum, we should be able to find effective solutions. I urge you all to come prepared for the conference. Research your countries, familiarize yourself with the topics by reading the research reports, prepare your clauses, and most importantly, come to the conference with a ready heart to debate. This year’s AMMUN theme is ‘Dare to Defy’ and what a fitting theme it is, especially now. All around the world people are engaging in protests and demonstrations against the injustices they face. They are speaking up, letting their voice be heard, and essentially daring to defy against the restrictions set upon them. Delegates, I expect you to do so as well. Come to the conference prepared to engage in gratifying debate, where we can all, truly, dare to defy.




Yasmine Qushair

President of the Special Committee


The Question of Addressing the Issue of Gun Violence in North and South America

The Questions of Protecting Women’s Rights to Abortion and the Use of Contraception

The Question of Taking Measures to Eliminate Racial Oppression Towards Uyghur Muslims in China