Historical Security Council 


Esteemed Delegates of the Historical Security Council,

Welcome to AMMUN XIX, the 19th annual Amman Model United Nations conference. My name is William Sawalha and I will be presiding over the Historical Security Council at this conference. Many people hear the phrase “what matters is now” or something similar, but I am here to tell you all that this is not always the case. The many political challenges that we face today as a result of international relations and events that occurred many years ago. A wise man by the name of George Santayana once said “those who do not know their history are bound to repeat it”. History gives us a reference on what should and should not be done, when, why or how something can be dealt with, but most importantly it gives us a way to predict the future. During these three days, you, delegates, have the chance to change history, you can change the course of events in order to make a better world for all humankind. Suppose you had a time machine and you set the date to 1964, where many of the major events that changed the world have taken place. Delegates, as the brilliant individuals that you are, you have a duty to transform that world into something better, unless what really happened is the best that mankind could create. It sounds cliche, but if we could change the events of 1964 there is no doubt we can change the events in 2020. I advise you all to come prepared with background knowledge and a plan in mind, in order to truly change the world.

William Sawalha,
President of the Historical Security Council


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