Yasmine Qushair

Grade: 11 

Favourite Quote: «When everything seems too perfect, it’s usually anything but» - Gerard Way

Contact Information:

Favourite Conference: AMMUN XVI


I’ve always been interested in the affairs of the world. I’ve found joy in reading the news and generally learning about the world and its developments. That may sound lame, but we’ve all done it once. We’ve all found this one thing that we enjoy, and spent all our time focusing on. That thing for me is MUN. I started my MUN journey in the seventh grade, and I’ve been an avid participant since. My first experience was AMMUN XV, and from then, I knew that MUN was something that I would be doing for a while. MUN interests me because I learn so much from it. It isn’t just another co-curricular activity that I do. It’s become a part of my normal life. I feel weird if I don’t have a conference coming up, or any resolutions to write on the weekends. It’s somewhere where I can engage in constructive debate on issues that teens would never have the chance to debate otherwise. It gives me a platform to explore my political knowledge, and a chance to share my voice