William Sawalha

Grade: 12

Favorite Quote: “The moment you give up is the moment you let someone else win” - Kobe Bryant

Contact Info: william_sawalha@abs.edu.jo

Favourite Conference: AMMUN XVII


            When I was very young I used to walk into my parents’ room and watch the news with them, and as years the years passed I started doing it myself. I started putting more and more of my time and effort into following the latest politics and events going on around the world, and since then, politics has been one of my passions. In 8th grade an opportunity appeared to do something I would enjoy and learn from, something I could devote my time to, and that was MUN. My MUN journey started in AMMUN XVI, participating as a delegate in the Disarmament Commission, then I started jumping from conference to conference and before I knew it I became President of the Historical Security Council at AMMUN XIX. MUN represents a great part of my life, it is something I can do every day for hours without rest and always benefit from it, and something I can enjoy no matter the circumstances. It was something that gave me the opportunity to debate topics that I wouldn’t debate with others on a regular day, and gave me chances to meet people with a similar mindset and passions as me.