Advocates and Justices of the International Court of Justice,

William Whipple, Merchant and Signatory to the American Decleration of Independence, once said ‘I wonder much that a court of law should be in doubt whether a Resolution of Congress can supersede the Law of a Sovereign State.’ Even 200 years ago, people have noticed that countries always seem to control other countries, and that there is no such thing as true independence. The controlled countries are always unstable and in turmoil, and the only way to save them is to hold their controllers accountable.

Welcome to AMMUN XX. My name is Maeen Tell and I’ll be the President of the ICJ this year. You may notice that in the court above, Whipple also mentioned ‘Courts of Law.’ The point of the ICJ is to act as the most supreme court in the world, and to be an objective, unbiased, and fair court in which countries can solve disputes, interpret treaties, rule on war crimes, and hold guilty countries accountable for their actions.

You may have noticed an emphasis on accountability in this note. That is no coincidence. Our theme this year is ‘Accountability for Stability’ which means our goal for this conference is to learn to hold people, countries, and other organizations accountable in order to make the world more stable.

The topic we will spend 3 days discussing this conference is a maritime dispute between Nicaragua and Columbia. Throughout the conference, I hope our advocates will learn to expand upon their debate and research skills, and that our judges learn to collaborate and deliberate with other judges, in order for us to reach the fairest and most just verdict.

Looking forward to meeting you all,

Maeen Tell

President of the International Court of Justice


Questions relating to the Obligation to Prosecute or Extradite (Belgium v. Senegal)