Advocates and Judges of the International Court of Justice,


Welcome to AMMUN XVII! For those of you who don’t know, the International Court of Justice is a real-life court simulation composed of two teams of advocates, each representing a country, and a panel of 15 judges. Although it is a challenging forum, it is always a truly unique and memorable experience for all. 


In the end, all those participating in the ICJ will leave the conference having participated in heated, intense debate with more confidence and awareness in addition to getting some insight on what participating in a real court feels like, especially for those of you wanting to pursue a career in law in the future.


Unlike other forums, the ICJ thoroughly debates one case through the presentation of stipulations, evidence, and witnesses. Each team of advocates will be required to build a strong case by collecting reliable and convincing evidence and preparing strong witnesses to take the stand. Additionally, both teams are required to thoroughly research the case to hopefully result in an intense and successful debate. As for judges, no prior preparation is required, however, all judges are expected to take detailed notes and continuously participate in deliberation to finally decide on the verdict. Please refer to the ICJ Guide in the ‘Downloads’ section on the website for a step by step breakdown of the court proceedings and a detailed description of all the work that needs to be prepared prior to the conference. You can also refer to the Research report containing some background information on the case and some useful information that advocates can use when building their cases.


When taking part in the International Court of Justice, advocates and justices are encouraged to be daring and risk-taking in order to fight for what’s right and serve justice once and for all. In order to result in a successful debate, you will all need to step out of your comfort zone and defy the norms, tying perfectly to this year’s theme ‘Dare to Defy’. I hope that we can all make this year’s AMMUN the most memorable one yet. I look forward to meeting you all. 


Zein Al Hmoud​

President of the International Court of Justice


Criminal Proceedings in France (Republic of Congo v. France)