Grade: 12                     

Contact Information: hashem_alsaqqaf@abs.edu.jo

Favorite Conference: AMMUN XVII, THIMUN'19


On behalf of the AMMUN XVIII Secretariat, I would like to bid you a warm welcome to the 18th annual session of the Amman Model United Nations conference, AMMUN XVIII.


It was once said that the most significant quality of a leader is his/ her ability to empower others.


I couldn’t agree more.


Having acquired the prestigious positions of chair, Head of Training and currently Secretary General, I have come to understand the impact of my attitude as a leader of debate on the atmosphere of the forum and the potential of delegates. By empowering delegates to speak up and treating them like they have the ability to change the world- simply equipped with their words, my team members and I have managed to unleash hidden potential and inspire a generation to transform its burgeoning ideas into a reality. My team members and I have therefore fulfilled and will continue to fulfill our role of making sure that our impact lasts in our absence.


If not you, then who? If not now, then when? Speak loudly. Speak strongly. Be heard, and change the world today!


This truly sums up what MUN means to me. MUN is more than just debating about terrorist groups and politics. For there truly is a place for everyone in MUN. Discussing topics about the environment, to topics about civil and international disputes, all the way to creating long-lasting friendships.


MUN is a place where students can explore, learn and grow. But most importantly to gain the courage to speak their minds, and for them to be heard, and for their ideas to become a reality. Because in MUN, students take on the role of UN representatives, diplomats, governmental officials, and even NGOs. So MUN truly is a home to everyone. MUN is an experience of a lifetime, where delegates create an international community flourishing with interconnectedness creating a world beaming with Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Speech, and Freedom itself.


Especially here at AMMUN, where delegates from all over the world come to make new friendships and learn as much as humanly possible. As delegates approach AMMUN with exuberance, heightened passions, and an unprecedented will to debate. Because at AMMUN delegates not only learn how to talk in front of an audience, but they discover a part of themselves they never knew existed, and I know this because I experienced it, and what the international MUN community says is true. MUN eventually does grow from a rejuvenating experience to an ecstatic lifestyle, and the greatest example of that was that I based my entire Personal Project on MUN.

Because now when I look back four years ago when I was a delegate I see the inordinate impact it had on my life for the better, and that pursuing my MUN career was the greatest decision I ever made. So, to all future participants of AMMUN XVIII, I hope that you all discover a part of yourselves in AMMUN XVIII, and depart with an unwavering steadfastness to Speak loudly. To speak strongly. To Dare to Defy.


Favorite Quote: “When you’re backed up against the wall, break the thing down”- Harvey Specter





Grade: 12                     

Contact Information: naya_said@abs.edu.jo

Favorite Conference: AMMUN XVII & THIMUN19


   With all the chaos and injustice happening around us on a global scale, many of us believe that we are at an age where we have the power to change nothing. Yet, the most eminent undertaking one could achieve in our contemporary world is standing tall for the notions they believe in, defying all odds whether they may be age, social constructs, governments, rules or regulations. In an era plagued by terror, violence and injustice at all fronts, I cannot adequately stress on the importance of taking a stand. All around the world, teenagers, advocates, and like-minded individuals have courageously opposed legal frameworks, notions and mindsets with one common objective, to be brave without retreating from adversity. 

   Furthermore, Model United Nations has given me the chance to become a more globally aware citizen, in a time filled with globalization, and to aim high and think big, in crafting solutions to tackle worldwide dilemmas. When I first became interested in MUN, in the 8thgrade, I knew that this was a co-curricular activity I was highly passionate about. This activity was a simulation of the future world, one filled with young global citizens, the decision makers, politicians, social entrepreneurs and advocates of the future. In particular, AMMUN is the conference I look forward to every year, it gives me a chance to meet delegates from all over the world, who willingly encounter debates, despite possessing diverse outlooks and perspectives on global affairs. I am extremely overwhelmed to be part of such a diligent secretariat this year and I can’t wait to make your AMMUN journey as enriching as mine! 


   Lastly, I would like to leave you on a final note, our time has come, and that time is now. Therefore, I urge you to take this AMMUN, and revolt for your cause against all that may arise, guide the path, rise to the opposition and remember, Dare to Defy. 

Favorite Quote: “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter" -Martin Luther King JR

Grade: 12

Contact Information: christina_matalka@abs.edu.jo

Favorite Conference: AMMUNXVI


It’s been 3 years since my first MUN conference as a delegate. Every conference I attended was different in its own way in which helped me gain the experience I needed to understand the concept of MUN and how it brings everyone together. The Model United Nations conference itself is an open door to the conflicts and challenges in the reality of the world even if we do not see it within the tight circle of area that we live in. It opens its doors to us, the next generation, to discover the flaws of the present to eliminate them in the future. It is true, the youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow, and speaking on behalf of everyone that has attended an MUN conference, we feel prepared to face the tragedies that the future holds. We are given the opportunity to use the power we have as the youth to investigate the different topics we are introduced within each of our forums. AMMUN joins the minds of young diplomats and open-minded critical thinkers which wish to make a change in the world. They gain the confidence and courage to speak loud of the words of future politicians fighting international bureaucracy. Everyone is taking part of their own endeavor and his experiencing their own personal growth throughout each conference. Hopefully, each and every member attending AMMUN finds a voice within the MUN conference where they can embrace their abilities. The entire AMMUN experience have truly been gratifying, as they were one of the best decisions I’ve made. I welcome you to AMMUN XVII and hope that this experience will be as good to you as it was to me. 


Favorite Quote: “ In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity."- Albert Einstein 



Grade: 12

Contact information: saif_bataineh@abs.edu.jo

Favorite Conference: AMMUN XIV

Charles Dickens was famously quoted “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” It cannot be argued that we are currently not living in the “best of times.” Surrounding our nations currently is a wave of upset, protests and violence. Every day, controversial movements are arising and are causing a colossal divide between the world’s population. People everywhere are begging for a solution, except they are rarely offered one. And as I am writing this, historians, scientists, politicians and even world leaders are predicting the beginning of another World War. Which is why I call on you, AMMUN participants. Because you are our way out. I call on all of you to work hard in this year’s AMMUN, collaborate and come up with effective solutions that we can implement. Debate Fairly and Productively. Come together with your allies and even your enemies, because you’re all here to achieve one goal; to better our world. But, how do we do that? Work hard. Making this earth a better place is not something that can be done overnight. When you’re writing your clauses, think of how you can satisfy all the parties involved while still resolving the issue. Research, read your research reports, read the delegate and chairing guide. If you do all of those things, I promise you, you will come to the conference more-than-ready to debate. You might be thinking that the odds of you making an actual change in the world are slim-to-none. Which is why you should work twice as hard, tirelessly. Dare to defy those odds and you will make the world a better place. 

Favorite Quote: "The only time ‘success’ comes before ‘work’ is in the dictionary."  - Harvey Spectre




Grade 12

Contact information: sama_albashir@abs.edu.jo

Favorite Conference:  AMMUN


I first began my MUN journey in 8th grade as a delegate. Since then, my passion towards MUN has grown to the extent that I have experienced a total of 9 MUN experiences as a delegate, a staff member, an organizer and now as a part of AMMUN XVIII’s leadership team. 


Through my experiences I have been able to meet students from different countries and understand their perspectives regarding different issues. MUN is a forum through which all young individuals are given the opportunity to explore and convey their personal ideas, beliefs and perceptions, devise solutions for world problems and defend their stance regarding certain controversial topics. All of which encourages independent thinking; thinking that gives people the ability to become leaders, as the conference mimics world leaders discussing political matters. This pressure inflicted on the youth has no detrimental effect because with the increase in competition, there is an increase in knowledge and passion towards gaining knowledge. 


It is frequently said that the youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow. MUN has given me the chance to explore what I am capable of doing and achieving. It has also showed me that I am capable of becoming a leader. It has boosted my confidence, enhanced my personal growth, and encouraged me to become more assertive. It has given me experiences that have helped me learn the way the world functions.


I consider MUN conferences to be motivational.  They give me the sense that I can achieve with hard work and determination.

Favorite Quote: “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” -John Quincy Adam



Grade: 12

Contact information: haya_khoury@abs.edu.jo

Favorite Conference: AMMUN XVII


It’s been around three years since my very first MUN experience as a delegate. My first conference gave me such a rush of excitement that I wasn't expecting from a school activity. Although the debates and excitements of fighting for justice and equality was very exhilarating, but I realized that my passion lied with the organizing side as a i became a member of the Admin Staff. The chaos, the need for perfection and collaboration of students were what drove me take interest in the “behind the scenes” team of MUN. From then on i became aware and opened my eyes to every detail in every conference i attended to be able to learn how the conference came together.


My passion of the organizing teams of MUN impacted my life outside of MUN as well as I began observing and analyzing how organizations and projects come together and how they can be improved. Throughout the years I have been a member of the staff, a delegate and an organizer, but I never saw myself as a head organizer, a member of the leadership team.


Although I am not one to take on big tasks that require great responsibility, I found my self willing, if not eager, to be part of the leadership team, a position that requires persistence, responsibility, time management and devotion. The road to the conference will be a long, tiresome and stressful one, however if a bunch of motivated students have been able to put together an AMMUN conference for the past 16 years, I am certain that we will be able to carry on the tradition for a 17th year.



Favorite Quote: “Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.” -Helen Keller



Grade: 12

Contact information: omar_dajani@abs.edu.jo

Favorite Conference: AMMUN XVII


No matter how integral a part MUN plays in your life, you will always come across those who simply do not understand why in the world you would ever consider taking part in MUN conferences. To them, MUN is just another way to add to all the stress. And for what? To discuss ideas that don’t even concern you half of the time? But MUN is much more than discussing nuclear disarmament or child soldiers or climate change. The real MUN experience entails far more than the debate. MUN is in itself an opportunity to meet people amidst the professionalism and seriousness of debate. We form a community that is often disregarded; one that is probably more interconnected than any other. MUN brings us together both as critical thinkers as well as friends. MUN conferences have the potential to build relationships that last until long after a conference has officially come to an end. AMMUN is an embodiment of this experience; a conference where the intellectual youth are given the opportunity to both discuss as diplomats and make memories that matter. So, next time a non-MUNer asks you ‘why?’, don’t stop at public speaking skills or confidence. For if they had the slightest idea regarding what goes on before a conference, during it, after its conclusion and everywhere in between, they would no longer consider MUN simply a hobby. To the point where MUN has become much more than extracurricular activity, rather, it has become a top priority, a high school necessity and a huge commitment. By the time AMMUN comes around, the buzz of excitement and anticipation gets too high to be kept barricaded by the walls of our school. So, for the five days of the conference, we enter he world of AMMUN, where nine months worth of planning and organizing becomes worth it. The ability of students to organize a conference with such high levels of debate never ceases to amaze me. At the end of it all, I look back and ponder who I would have grown to be without MUN in my life for 4 years. And indeed, at the end of it all, I can proudly say that embarking on the MUN journey is one of the best choices I will ever have made. I can only hope that AMMUN will be as enriching and fulfilling an experience for you as it has been – and for one final time, will be – for me.  ​


Favorite quote: “When one door closes another door opens; but we so often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the ones which open for us.”         – Alexander Graham Bell 



Grade: 12

Contact information: arije_abuhassan@abs.edu.jo

Favorite Conference: AMMUN XVII


“You are the future”, something that we, as the new generation, are constantly told. But what does this mean? Through the Model UN, the answer to my question started to become clearer. MUN has helped hone many of my skills including communication, research, and most importantly, critical thinking. It has sparked my interest in global affairs and made me more aware of what goes on in the world around me. As a result, I have gained a global outlook on life. I no longer simply see things the way they are presented to me and I no longer swallow what the media feeds me. MUN is such an eye-opening experience, it brings together people from all across the globe, with diverse backgrounds and different perceptions, motivating them to put aside their differences and debate the critical issues that our world faces today. Being put in a situation where you might have to defend a perspective with which you might not agree is an important step in gaining a global perspective and becoming a more understanding, open-minded individual. The solutions and resolutions proposed to give me hope for the future. The yearly success of AMMUN never ceases to amaze me, and I am so excited to be a part of such a creative and accomplished team. 

Delegates welcome to the 18th annual Amman Baccalaureate School’s Model United Nation’s (AMMUN) conference. It brings me great joy to welcome you into our conference where critical issues that our world faces will be debated. Throughout this conference, delegates will have the opportunity to represent and defend different perspectives and to tackle some of the pressing issues that are impeding our development and growth. This will be done by both evaluating and proposing novel, yet practical, solutions. Not only will this conference reward the delegates with a sense of achievement, but it will also spark their need to take a stand, their need to make their voices heard and their need to take action. Consequently, they will be more likely to actually make a difference in the future. This is in line with our theme: dare to defy. Furthermore, through exposure to a wide variety of viewpoints and the defense of viewpoints with which they might not agree, the delegates will improve their collaboration skills, and become more open-minded people with a more global perspective. I hope that the delegates will express their ideas and political stances dauntlessly and that all forums entertain a heated, thought-provoking debate that passes novel and effective solutions by the end of the conference. 



Favorite Quote: “To deny people their human rights is to challenge their very humanity.”  – Nelson  Mandela 





Grade: 12

Contact information: nour_hamdan@abs.edu.jo

Favorite Conference: AMMUN XVI


I have been exposed extensively to both ‘sides’ of MUN, in terms of debate, and organizing. However, the organized chaos, the moments of crisis and conflict, negotiation and leadership; these were moments I longed for, which were what drove me to take interest in the ‘behind the scenes’ team of AMMUN and made me willing, if not eager, to be apart of the leadership team. The Amman Model United Nations involves fighting diplomatically over fiscal policy, discover futures, gain confidence, and form long-lasting friendships with people worldwide. Being apart of the leadership team is is that of a position that entails time-management and and collaborative skills, extreme organization and hard-work.


I have a deep and personal ambition to continue and build on AMMUN’s growth and progression, an ambition that I strongly believe, will be fulfilled, as it’s the burning passion that we have as members of the AMMUN team that keeps this conference a success each year, and keeps its place as the pioneering conference in the region. I believe that a united front is what initiates success, and brings forth a team that proposes new ideas that are creative and new. This is because unity is my philosophy, I believe in the power of a team, and in the power of ambition that a leadership team heading a conference as big as AMMUN needs.

Favorite Quote: “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” -Lao Tzu