Grade: 12

Contact information: jad_layyous@abs.edu.jo


From a very young age, growing up watching the news, I have always had an interest towards politics and the affairs of the world, but I never really understood what it meant or how anything worked. However, from my very first MUN experience, AMMUN XVI, my passion and dedication towards Model United Nations conferences, politics and debate only grew stronger and stronger. Ever since then, I made it a priority to attend every Model UN conference I possibly could and achieve as many awards as possible.


However, throughout my vast experience in the MUN world, I came to notice that awards do not mean anything. What really matters and what truly interests me about MUN are the opportunities it offers to further develop ones self. Whether it be ones leadership and public speaking skills or ones social and debating skills, MUN has always been and always will be an opportunity for me to learn more and discover what I could do.

Welcome to the 20th annual Amman Model United Nations Conference. My name is Jad Layyous and I am the Deputy Secretary General of this year’s AMMUN.  

Living in the middle east, we have been taught to always abide by specific rules and conform to different social constructs. Therefore, us teenagers in our current day often feel we have no voice and have no impact on this world. However, that is simply not true. We, as the leaders of tomorrow, have a voice, and it is only through voicing it, do we have the capability of driving our world towards prosperity and change.


This is exactly why Model UN exists. It is through such conferences do you delegates get the opportunity to be heard. It is through such conferences, we can hold one accountable in order to achieve a more stable and fair world.


In the words of French author, Voltaire “I disapprove of what you say but will defend to the death your right to say it”. Whether one agrees with a point another has made or not, we as humans have liberty to speak our mind and express ourselves freely without the fear of being censored, judged or persecuted. Delegates. It is your turn to speak up. It is your turn to debate various global issues and conflicts taking place today. Delegates, it is your turn to embrace our theme, accountability for stability.





Grade: 12 Contact information: tara_tell@abs.edu.jo

Favorite conference: AMMUN XVII


What initially sparked my interest in MUN, was how it gives a platform for the youth who; feel passionately about human rights, politics, and the niche categories that fall underneath them, and experience an honest drive to render the world a better place. A platform in which you harness your abilities and knowledge, and consequently, grow intellectually.


My pursuit of MUN has impacted a myriad of other factors in my life. Most prominently, my ambitions. All throughout my formative years I was always certain that I had a preeminent interest in politics, history, international affairs, etc... My outspoken nature was a trait that was always closely associated with my personhood.

Throughout my MUN career this outspoken nature developed beyond merely my argumentative inclinations, and became skills that have already aided me, actively aid me, and will likely continue to aid me in the future.

Not only this, but it has served as an opportunity for me to continue my exploration into the intricacies of multilateralism and international affairs.


Accountability for Stability is a phrase that has significant meaning to me. My interest in world history has enabled me to stumble upon various enforcements of “Accountability for Stability" historically, such as the Nuremberg Trials, one of the earliest official enactments of Accountability for Stability. Or in many cases, a lack thereof. The failure to hold figures, entities or nations accountable.

This lack of accountability persists into the modern day. It is what holds us as a society back from stability, and justice for all


After having learnt so much from MUN, and particularly AMMUN where my MUN career began. As a member of the Leadership Team, I would like to ensure that the generations to come, procure as much as possible from their AMMUN XX experience, and conceivably develop the same passion for MUN that I did at my very first AMMUN.

Favorite quote: “I am nothing but I must be everything.”- Karl Marx




Grade 12
Contact Information: nadia_hamdan@abs.edu.jo 
Favorite Conference: AMMUN XVII
        Living in a pandemic has changed our perspective completely, it has drastically changed our lifestyle. Although we have been living in a state of fear and uncertainty, this pandemic empowered us and has truly shown us that we are the change that the world needs, our talents, solidarity, and humanity will create impact as the whole world emerges from this crisis, we are the present and we are the future. After realizing the truth behind this, I can’t help but think about this year’s theme “Accountability for stability”, this theme resonates with me, because in times like these, being held accountable is the most significant thing to do in order to ensure a stable, fair, and safe environment. “You can’t run a society or cope with its problems if people are not held accountable for what they do” – John Leo.
I started my AMMUN journey as a Photographer and I slowly started to develop a sense of determination and commitment, being a part of this family for the past 4 years made me realize that AMMUN is not just any school-activity, and not just any conference, it is in fact an opportunity for growth, it is a safe place that gives me the chance to broaden my skills and work on my weaknesses without feeling any type of judgement. It helped me work on my leadership, my social skills, my confidence to speak up, and most importantly my willingness to make change. 
        My MUN journey has come to an end however, I am happy to take part in this conference as a Head Organiser and I am here to welcome you all to the 20th annual Amman Model United Nations (AMMUN XX) conference where we intend to focus on being held accountable in order to ensure stability. My team and I will work collaboratively to ensure that we support each and every one of you in the ways that we can and see you all grow, and as we continue, we hope to shine light into dark places in the future!
Favorite quote: “The time is always right to do what is right” - Martin Luther King

Grade: 12

Contact information: Farah_massadeh@abs.edu.jo

Favourite conference: AMMUN XVI


Residing in the middle east, side by countries suffering from injustice and corruption. Belonging to a generation infamous for its dependence on technology and one that is widely driven by social media, I now am able to fathom why our teachers have engrained the importance of why we should use our voices.  From black out Tuesday inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement, to the daunting posts of the events that took place in Palestine during the month of May, Generation Zed, a demographic I am proud to be a part of has proven to be politicly active and influential.


From starting off as a shy delegate in the eighth grade to becoming a chair, president, and finally climbing up the ranks to be able to introduce myself as part of the AMMUN XX leadership team, as a head organiser. I am proud to say that MUN, particularly AMMUN has shaped me to be the person I am today. Albeit the fact that the initial traction towards MUN was built off of the desire to dress up, it is needless to say that instantaneous love and tenacity was what I felt after understanding what MUN was all about. My curiosity towards the sinister acts that could be present around the world grew, but alongside that grew the impetus to create the solution. MUN taught me how to become an independent individual, that only depends on their voice and is confident enough to enunciate loudly and clearly, drawing attention to what truly matters.


Welcome participants to the 20th annual Amman Model United Nations conference. Although it saddens me that we will not be able to feel the thrill of MUN in person, I guarantee you that this will yet be another unforgettable conference. This year, I invite you all to stand against injustice, prejudice, and wrong. Admit to your past mistakes and encourage others to do so. Work towards a more stable life and mor stable world. The future starts now at the tip of your fingertips. You are able to create change and take accountability to achieve stability!


Favourite quote: “In times of rapid change, experience could be your worst enemy.”- J. Paul Getty