Delegates of the Security Council, 

Welcome to the 19th annual AMMUN conference. My name is Karma Aloul and I will be your president for this year’s prestigious Security Council. Lately, it’s been tough for our global community; we are struggling to maintain amity and continue routine considering the recent major alterations in economic, and political spheres, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic. All aspects of security have faced vast changes in terms of health, economy, politics, international affairs, industries, and the list goes on. Being an admirable forum with a great impact on other forums, we have the responsibility to pass multiple clauses, and construct rigorous debates through them. They will revolve around our 3 topics being; US pressures on Arab countries regarding the Deal of the Century, the threat of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam on Egypt, and the issue of cyber meddling with US elections. Each of these topics are currently happening and are major security issues which concern multiple measures of order and peace, in different regions of the world. Although these topics are challenging, as they come with controversy and accusation, I hope that constructive arguments are presented, nations are defended, and agreements are made. Make sure to carefully use Veto power only in the crucial situations, when notorious ends of arguments don’t meet. With only 15 members, I expect you all to stand out with your foreign policies, and most importantly your personal debating styles. With that, you must bridge the divide between the world superpower’s visions on each of these problems and solve them to reestablish equity and ensure equality in society.


I wish you all the best of luck, 



Karma Aloul

President of the Security Council


The issue of cyber meddling with US elections

US pressures on Arab countries regarding the Deal of the Century

The threat of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam on Egypt.