Delegates of the Security Council,

Welcome to the 20th annual AMMUN conference. My name is Rayyan Kiswani and I’m the president of the reputable Security Council for this year’s conference. Currently, with the Covid-19 pandemic ripping our world and civilization into shreds, we’ve been so caught up and tunnel visioned on this issue that we’ve lost sight of ongoing conflicts and wars that are unfolding and are resulting in so much damage and brutality that has gone under the radar. These conflicts are provoking massive issues and disagreements between countries in a time where we should be working together and building bridges to fix the ultimate issue we are all facing. All these conflicts are adding more to the chaos and dividing us. In some regions around the world human rights are being neglected and basic principles of life are being overlooked and disregarded by governments. It is more important now than ever to create plausible solutions to put an end to the conflicts at hand. Even though we don’t fully understand the power that we have as young adults, the future is truly in our hands. We need to start to move forward and take steps in shaping the world we want to live in. MUN conferences are platforms through which you have the opportunity to make your voices heard, and crucially stand up for justice, equality, and peace. In the Security council this year, we should aim to conjure efficient and applicable resolutions regarding the coup d'état in Myanmar, the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, and also the Tigray war in Ethiopia. These topics are quite interesting and challenging, and are quite engaging debate-wise. I urge you to work in solving these issues, which would need your continued participation in debate with utmost diplomacy. Moreover, make sure to fight for your country’s stance on the topic and don’t leave your voice unheard. I urge you all to come prepared to the conference and with a focused mindset; ready to debate to your full potential. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the topics and understand your country’s foreign policies. Finally, make sure to carefully use your Veto power in the conference and reserve it for heavily crucial situations. It is easy to sit back and watch adversity unfold right before your eyes, but all the time you spend neglecting these issues will result in less time for the people in need: the hungry, the displaced, the oppressed, the weak. Take accountability for all issues, whether or not they directly involve you, so that we can slowly but surely approach a stable and peaceful planet for everyone and everything.

Looking forward to meeting you all,

Rayyan Kiswani


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