Rayyan al Kiswani

Grade: 11

Favourite Quote: “The will to persevere is often the difference between failure and success” - David Sarnoff

Contact Information: rayyan_alkiswani@abs.edu.jo

Favourite Conference: AMMUN XVIII

Growing up, I always loved to participate in extra-curricular activities with my friends from school. Whether it was playing sports or joining the school band. I just had the urge and desire to experience everything and learn more skills that I will use later in my life. Through this ambition of learning that I acquired, I was able to find my hobbies, interests and strengths. It helped to shape my character and personality. One of these hobbies that I loved so much was the love for debating that I had. It was after I participated in a debate-related camp that I found myself the concept of debate. I didn’t enjoy it for the sake of winning an argument with someone else, but instead, I loved the aspect of seeing the other person’s point of view on the topic, even if it opposed mine. This allowed me to become more open minded and socially aware. When My brother introduced me to MUN when I was in the seventh grade it was an unbelievable experience that I fell in love with. It was a platform to explore my political knowledge, and understand the stance of other delegates in the forum about conflicts on a global scale. MUN also provided me with the skills to formulate plausible solutions for the conflicts that face our world today. Debate gives us a platform to display our voices and make them heard will also educating the youth on topics that need solving.