Karma Aloul

Grade: 11

Favorite quote: “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough” – Albert Einstein

Contact information: Karma_aloul@abs.edu.jo

Favorite conference: AMMUN XVII


When I first heard about MUN I thought that it was just an extracurricular activity, where we dress up and attend a conference. This very quickly changed with my first experience, as I saw its importance and influence in my daily life; learning how to argue without it seeming meaningless, presenting facts and opinions through a certain lens, and making connections and friendships. My MUN career started in the 8th grade, in AMMUN XVI, ever since then I participated in as many MUNs as possible, both local and international. I’ve taken part in 7 different forums throughout this time, ranging from courts, versions of the Security Council, General Assemblies, Human rights commissions, and more. I found the forum that has captivated my attention and passion in the Security Council; the importance it holds in the general body of the UN is vital, its debates are unmatched with the use of Veto Powers, and its topics current and can virtually discuss any global issue. MUN has allowed me to discuss these international problems like an adult, from my own perspective, and present these ideas and opinions as the world leaders we see on TV; cautious, certain, and confident.