The question of the implementation of Artificial Intelligence alongside weaponry on the battlefield

The issue of promoting sustainable urban development to meet the challenge of rapidly growing cities

            The implementation of Artificial Intelligence alongside weaponry on the battlefield is a subject that needs to be talked about and acted upon, especially in the SDC, as to achieve these goals, this issue needs to be resolved. The Sustainable Development Goals were set at the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio de Janeiro in 2012. Their purpose was to produce a set of universal goals that, when achieved, could create a better and more sustainable future for all. Two of these goals apply to the issue of the implementation of AI alongside weaponry on the battlefield, which are the 3rd goal (Good Health and Well-Being” and the 16th goal “Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions”. We’ve seen the beginning of the integration of AI technology with weaponry, this is something that must be discussed in the SDC. However, the question is whether or not we should stop it from being implemented. Some might say that AI would have less people being killed on the field, however others may argue that any malfunction or hack would lead to the deaths of thousands of people if not cities as a whole. This debate is ongoing in the world’s top universities and  international forums, and we cannot ignore the impact it would have on the lives of potentially hundreds of millions of people

The problem of Unsustainable Urban Development is a challenge that the human population has been facing for plenty of years. More than 50% of the world’s population now live in urban areas, many in densely populated cities and this does not seem like it is slowing down any time soon. By 2050, it’s projected that nearly 7 billion people will live in urban areas in 2050. Moreover, nearly 1 in 3 people live in a slum household. This issue needs to be solved in order to reach goal 11 of the Sustainable Development Goals (Sustainable Cities and Communities). Urbanization is a process that most cities have been going through recently, and this has left many countries and governments nearly collapsing under the pressure of the increasing population in urban areas. The world population has been growing at a very unsustainable rate, especially in developing countries and the rise of megacities is a result of this. However, developing countries can’t truly handle this rate of expansion. Slum cities in India and China are examples, while some cities and countries are thriving from this urbanization that is occurring in their cities.