The deadline for the submission of this application is September 29th, 2019


PLEASE NOTE: Students applying for positions as Student Officers must return this form together with an optional letter of recommendation from their MUN-Director. MUN-Directors’ recommendations should include some reference to the candidates’ academic performance, school, and extra-curricular activities. All applicants must be aware that, if and when chosen, they are expected to attend the mandatory workshop during the conference of November 2019 (date, location and time will be announced later). Where there is more than one application from one school, MUN-Directors must rank order (maximum of 3 applications). Failure to adhere to this restriction may result in all applications from that school to be disqualified. Applicants whose schools are not participating in the conference may not submit an application. Their applications will not be taken into consideration.


NOTE: only experienced MUN participants will be considered for the Advisory panel and the ICJ.